“Beautiful Waiting”

Our Advent Devotion for Friday, December 3, comes to us from

The Fullness of Time by Henri J.M. Nouwen

14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Psalm 27:14 NIV

Patience comes from the word “patior” which means to suffer. … To wait patiently therefore means to allow our weeping and wailing to become the purifying preparation by which we are made ready to receive the joy which is promised to us.

Out of Solitude, page 56, by Henri J. M. Nouwen


“Beautiful Waiting”

Waiting for something makes it all the sweeter when we finally have it – saving up for the bicycle as a kid, waiting patiently for the sun to rise on a dark early morning, anticipating the birth of a child. The difficulties of life are part of our waiting. We know something great – something peaceful, whole, joyful and perfect – awaits us. How much sweeter it will be because we have waited for it so patiently! How much richer it will be because the waiting was not always easy! Waiting is a time of preparation – for the coming of Christ, for the fulfillment of the kingdom of God, for the embrace of God warmly and securely enfolding each of us. Our patience is a sign of our hope in the good things to come.


Friends –

I confess that I am not a very patient waiter. I always find something (hopefully constructive) to fill that time. But those things for which we wait always do seem more precious because we have waited, if not always patiently. Similarly, as we wait and prepare for the birth of the Baby Jesus, whether we are patient or not, we find hope in the precious gift of Christ for our world.

--Pastor Bea


Lord, I will wait for you – for as long as it takes! Help me to wait patiently through every difficulty and every twist and turn of my life. I am preparing my heart to be a place for you. Amen. by Henri J.M. Nouwen