Hope Amidst Tragedy

Good Morning Church Family & Friends,

The past 24 hours have been jarring, as we learned of another mass shooting, this time in our backyard. Like many of you, I grieve and am filled with sadness at the loss of three young lives yet to be fully lived. Like many of you, I pray for the eight that are still fighting for their lives and who will carry with them the trauma of yesterday. Like many of you, I found myself looking toward Heaven for hope and peace.

As I woke up this morning and paused for my time of devotion, still perplexed and at a loss for words, I found comfort in today's Upper Room devotion. The scripture was from Deuteronomy 31:1-6, Moses' admonishment for Israel to be strong and courageous as they prepared to cross the Jordan. Moses' words struck a cord that eased my anxious mind and soothed by troubled heart.

Yes, we are living in troubling times where we worry about our children making it home safely from school. Yes, we are wearied by yet another variant of the Covid virus. Yet, as people of faith, we are urged to be strong and courageous. Not that we should ignore the things that concern us greatly, but that in spite of them we resolve to stand firm.

Moses' words to Israel called them to trust in God's ability to help them overcome the obstacles that awaited them on the other side of the Jordan. Moses' words reminded me to hold fast to the God who offers us hope, peace, joy and love. They reminded me that God is here to comfort my saddened heart and calm my anxious mind. They reminded me that God has called me, and all who follow Christ, to be a beacon amidst the darkness.

Let us continue to lift in prayer all those affected by yesterday's tragic events, as we hold firmly to the God who offers us peace that surpasses our understanding. Go forth and let you light shine, for you are a blessing from God. Now, more than ever, go and be a blessing.

Pastor Anthony