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Stormy Weather

The Upper Room Devotion for Monday, April 24, 2023, was written by Betty White

Coleman of Mississippi



7 Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make melody to our God on the lyre. 8 He covers the heavens with clouds, prepares rain for the earth, makes grass grow on the hills. 9 He gives to the animals their food, and to the young ravens when they cry. 10 His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the speed of a runner; 11 but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love. 12 Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem! Praise your God, O Zion! 13 For he strengthens the bars of your gates; he blesses your children within you. 14 He grants peace within your borders; he fills you with the finest of wheat. 15 He sends out his command to the earth; his word runs swiftly. 16 He gives snow like wool; he scatters frost like ashes. 17 He hurls down hail like crumbs— who can stand before his cold? 18 He sends out his word, and melts them; he makes his wind blow, and the waters flow.

Psalms 147:7-18 NRSV


Stormy Weather

As I watched the local news channel on the official start date of hurricane season, the weather forecaster gave advice about what to do during a hurricane. Just hearing the number of hurricanes predicted for the year caused me to pause and pray. Stormy weather frightens me. When I hear forecasts from damaging winds, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other inclement weather, I start praying – asking God to protect me, my family, my city, and my state. But storms don’t come every day. Some days God gives us gentle rains, bright sunshine, or a blanket of beautiful flowers, lush grass, or beautiful forests. Such weather also blesses the farmland that provides us with food and material for clothing. Rain fills the ponds, lakes, and rivers, and snow covers the slopes so we can enjoy many outdoor activities. I thank God for the natural beauty of the land and for the provision of food, clothing, and recreation. As today’s scripture reading reminds us, God delights in those who hope in God’s unfailing love. Whatever the forecast may be, we can trust our Creator, and this trust can bring us into a closer relationship with God.




Over the past two summers, we have endured some severe weather, leaving many without power for many days. Amidst the frustrations we experience, waiting for our lives to return to normal, we have moments to reflect on what is truly important and what we take for granted. Cold drinks, fresh food, air conditioning, and electricity are much needed conveniences. Betty’s reflection reminds us that God’s presence of peace, as we navigate challenges, is constant and invaluable. Let us resolve to keep our hearts and minds focused on God, that no matter what our challenges, we might maintain a spirit of thanksgiving.

-Pastor Anthony



Dear Lord, help us to trust in you. Whatever the weather, we know your purpose is for our good and for your glory. Amen.

- Betty White Coleman

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