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Our History

Below, you will find a brief history of our Church.  If you would like to no more about the history of our church, click "Read More" 

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The History of First United Methodist Church of Farmington

Updated 10-11-16


For those of us who cherish Americana and early Farmington history, the story of this church offers an interesting view back into the years as it has played an important part, not only in the spiritual life of its inhabitants, but in their civic and cultural lives as well.


In 1829, a class was officially formed in connection with the   Methodist Episcopal Church of Farmington, the class had 16 members.  The first preachers were circuit riders in the early tradition of Methodism.  The congregation first met in homes and later in local businesses.  In 1840, the congregation broke ground on its first building on the corner of Warner and Shiawassee.  The new church building was completed and dedicated in 1844, at a cost of $300.  In 1878, the original frame building was enlarged to accommodate the growing congregation.  At the time, it was the largest place of worship in Farmington.

On February 7, 1920, a disastrous fire completely destroyed the church building.  In 1921, under the inspired guidance of Pastor Sidney D. Eva ( years of service? ), ground was broken on our present site.  The new building was dedicated on March 19, 1922. The total cost was $85,000.  Our beautiful stained glass windows are an outstanding feature, inspiring many since that time.  The center window in our sanctuary was donated by Fred M. Warner, a longtime church member and Governor of Michigan from 1905-1911.  The center window depicts four standing figures, painted in 1922 by a French artist, these four men represent the pioneer phases of Christianity.  The men are (from left to right):

  • John Wesley (1707-1791) – pioneer of evangelical Christianity and founder of the Methodist denomination.

  • John Wycliff (1330-1384) – pioneer in the translating and teaching of the Bible in English and other common languages.

  • St. Paul – pioneer in early Christian missions recorded in the book of Acts.

  • John the Baptist – pioneer of Christianity recorded in the Gospels.

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