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All Church Meeting Information

Meeting held on Sunday, April 23rd 2023

The purpose of the meeting was to review the first quarter 'General Fund' income of this year compared to budget and the previous 2 years.

Shared data:


Q1 Budget

Q1 Actual

$ Difference

% Difference
















* 2023 Q1 budget was higher to account for additional prepaid pledges in January.

- Prepaid pledges are general fund pledges paid in a prior year and held until the year they are designated for.

- General fund income does not include giving for specific purposes.


1) The finance committee will host a follow-up all church meeting to update on the status in May. No crucial decisions are needed at this time.

2) If we work on this years goal to 'grow our membership', then we may improve our situation.

3) Each member should look inward to their heart to verify their indiviual support.

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