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The devotion for Tuesday, the third week of Advent, comes from Michael Hoy's, "Light of Grace: Devotions for Advent."

I will greatly rejoice in the Land, my whole being shall exult in my God....

Isaiaah 61:10 NRSV


Author's Reflection

Israel had experienced the deep darkness of disgrace and shame in the destruction of Jerusalem and being led off as slaves in captivity while the whole world watched. But God promises a double portion of everlasting joy when the people return to Jerusalem. The city shall be rebuilt, and they will once again be honored before the whole world (vv. 4,7). They are declared righteous by God and are even called the bride of God adorned with jewels (vv. 10-11). They are no longer to be regarded as immoral or judged but as those who are amazingly graced by the fullness of God's blessing beyond all the darkness of their past.

So this promise comes to us in our darkness. The light of Christ's righteousness shines upon us. The Spirit clothes us with joy and gladness. And our faith takes hold of the promise that we now stand before God vindicated and whole. "Through many dangers, toils, and snares, / I have already come." "Amazing Grace" acknowledges with a twinge of sorrow. But amazing grace through Christ means that it's time for uplifting and robust singing of our own.


Author's Prayer

Lord, make our spirits light by your light of joy, and lead us in the song of exultation. Amen.

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