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Prayers Are Welcome

Good Afternoon Church Family & Friends!

I pray you are enjoying this beautiful weather. Regrettably, I am inside as I have tested positive for Covid-19. I was exposed to Covid, by someone outside our congregation, who confirmed Sunday afternoon that they had tested positive. My symptoms began evening and intensified Monday morning, leading me to go to a local urgent care for a PCR test, which came back positive for Covid this Tuesday morning. While I am thankful it appears to be a mild case, having asthma makes in pulmonary infection/virus a matter for serious concern. I will be in quarantine for the next 7-10 days.

Although I wore a mask for the majority of the service on June 26th, I want to urge anyone who may be feeling ill to get tested. The overall health and safety of the congregation remains my primary concern, so I will be out of the pulpit July 3rd and 10th to ensure I am Covid free before I return. Your prayers for a speedy recovery are welcome, but I would ask that you would abstain from phone calls as my voice is strained.


Pastor Anthony


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