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Thank You Letter Confusion

Good Morning, Church Family,

I pray this finds you safe and well. For those who await the restoration of your electricity, I pray that crews will move swiftly.

It has come to my attention, that a number of you received a thank you letter for your giving that confused and drew concern. I apologize for the confusion, concern, and apprehension that was created by the letter. Allow me to clearly state, that it has not and is not my desire to know what you have covenanted with God to contribute to the church. The thank you letters original, and on-going purpose, is to offer a note of acknowledgement and appreciation to persons who made extraordinary gifts to the HVAC project, ceiling project, or memorial gifts to the church.

Although I am extremely grateful for your continued, consistent, and regular financial support, you will not receive a thank you letter for your giving. Again, the letter was sent in error and I apologize for any confusion they caused. To prevent a recurrence, we have refined our internal process for communicating with persons and/or organizations that make extraordinary contributions to the church.


Rev. Dr. Anthony Hood, Pastor

First United Methodist Church of Farmington


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