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The Passion of Hope

Today's devotion comes from Michael Hoy's, "The Light of Grace: Devotions For Advent."

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

Romans 8:25


Author's Reflections

The light of hope is like a flame. The very flickering of this gracious light of Christ denotes that hope is active and that hope is passionate. It never loses that ardent glow, even in the midst of suffering. The flame of hope lights our course as a path of grace and promise. Even where there is oppression that seeks to control or hold captive all that is living, our ever vigilant and passionate hope will burst those bonds.

We are set free in hope. For our hope is deeply grounded, rooted and resourced in Jesus Christ. Our Lord is already with us in the sufferings of our present time, and his resurrecting promise brings us to that which we eagerly await - our final liberation. Hope inspires us, burns brightly within us and lights a flame within our spirits. Such hope is too good to be kept to ourselves. Indeed, it is to be shared with all creatures and all creation. In hope, we press on. We wait on the Lord, who graces us each day and holds us dearly in his promise. We never give up on hope because Christ's hope never gives up on us.


Author's Prayer

Lord, do not let us lose sight of your passionate love for us all and the hope that dares to press on in the grace of your freedom. Amen.

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