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The Upper Room Devotion for was written by Patricia Kinner Kelly of Florida.


Author's Thoughts

My yard was nothing but grass when I started to fill it with native trees, scrubs and wildflowers. The new plants are small and rather spindly now; some have seed heads but no flowers, but from past experience, I know what is to come. The trees will fill out, the shrubs will send off new shoots, and the wildflowers will reseed and bloom. After I put the plants in the earth to help establish their roots, I keep them watered, remove the weeds, and wait. This process takes time, but I approach it with patience and excitement.

In contrast, when I was anxiously praying for an important situation to be resolved and I heard God tell me to wait, my first reaction was frustration. I had to remind myself of past experiences when God answered my prayers in ways that exceeded my expectations. And I had to do my part to stay rooted in my faith: absorbing God's promises, weeding out my doubts, and waiting with assured and joyful anticipation.

God's words of love and salvation are plentiful in scripture. In the midst of past crises, I have learned by heart some scripture passages that bring me peace and comfort and keep me grounded so that waiting can be a process not of frustration or disappointment but of hope.


Pastor Anthony's Thoughts


Patricia's reflection challenges and encourages us to re-evaluate how we approach waiting for God to answer our prayers. Will we consider the time we wait a waste of time and frustrating delay, or will we see the time as an opportunity to serve God. Patricia reminds us: "We must do our part to stay rooted in faith: absorbing God's promises, weeding out our doubts, and waiting with assured and joyful anticipation."


Author's Prayer

Dear God, help us remember that you are always with us. We wait for you with hope and joyful anticipation. Amen.


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