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Week 3 - GUIDED to PEACE

Tuesday, the third week of Lent - NO WORRIES is written by Ed Arle

... I have learned in whaever situation I am to be content

Philippians 4:11


I have a friend who worries about everything. In fact, at times he tells me, "If I don't have something to worry about, I worry until I have something to worry about."

That may seem strange, but I have to admit that I've also had times when I've worried and really didn't need to, times when things were going so well that I just knew something bad was about to happen.

But why not turn all that around? When things are going bad, why not think, "Any minute now, things are going to get better .... because I have Jesus"? Or, to put it another way, "because Jesus has me."

I have on occasion gone early to church, even before the lights go on. I like to sit in the pew and look at the cross. Sometimes I pray. At other times, I like to sit quietly and let God speak to me. And you know something? I think he really does.


Dear Lord, whatever is troubling me at any given time, help me to remember to turn it all over to you. Amen.


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