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Week 3 - GUIDED to PEACE

Saturday, the third week of Lent - ALIVE IN CHIRST is written by Ed Arle

For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Pilippians 1:21


What do people say when you ask them what they consider most important in their lives? Their kids? Their job? Their nice house? Maybe their collection of vintage automobiles? Apparently, the world wants us to think that the person who dies with the most toys is the one who wins. How strange, since we can't take any of those things with us when we die.

Now if you tell strangers or coworkers, "For me to live in Christ," they may think you're the one that's strange, especially if you go on to say, "and to die is gain." They may even call you a nut or a fanatic who takes "religion" too seriously. That may well be why so many Christians try to keep their faith convictions under wraps. But I'm thinking that as God draws us closer to the cross in this season of Lent, it becomes harder and harder not to say, "For me to live is Christ."


Dear Father in heaven, don't let the glitter and glitz of this world's wonderful thing cause me to forget that the greatest gift I have is the life I have in Jesus. Amen.


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